Lighting So That People Are Not Blinded

Many people want lights in a room, but do not want to get blinded by having as many as modern decorators choose. The cause is not from photophobia, but from being able to see perfectly fine in lower light. This type of person is not worrying about the bill, or anything like that. Such a situation is feasible, though not talked about by most decorators and writers. It should be a consideration when deciding how to set up a house. The more lights that are put into a place are not what makes it safer. The placement of lights is how this works. This is a way to accomplish that.

Living room

When night comes, too many lights can cause the television to reflect where they are. There needs to be an area for reading that is compatible with watching shows that people do. In fact, most people turn off all the lights when they want to focus on the television. If people want to read at the same time, the corner that does not reflect on the screen needs to be chosen. Put something like a crystal flat table lamp there, so a person can have lighting there that will help focus on smaller print.


A bedroom needs lighting that can be a little more isolated. Sometimes people have to get up several hours before their significant others. They do not want to disturb the other person, just as they would not want to be disturbed if the other person had to do the same. The person who gets up early needs to still be able to see, so the lights need to be set up to handle this. Lighting in the room should have several choices on how to light the entire room and allow for segregated lighting. That will allow for several choices to be able to be made depending on the situation.


A bathroom does not need brilliance in the middle of the night. A person, for various reasons, may have to use the facilities late at night. That person does not want to walk in and be blinded. Others do not want to be woken up by bright lights when doors are open. The light switch needs to light up what will not do that first. People can turn on anything else they need after that. It will help keep someone from being mad when all they want to do is grab some water or something else.

Lighting is necessary, but not when it can cause problems. People want to be able to enjoy rooms and not be blinded by sudden light after it has been dark. The three main areas are the living room, bedroom, and bathroom for this. Other rooms can have the light pouring out, but these three need many options to keep from having it be disturbing. People need to consider this when setting up rooms. That set up will keep people happy and still being able to see.